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A short while ago my laptop and my external hdd back up both failed at the same time.

Luckily, since it turned out to be a motor failure in each case I was able to extract the drives , put them into new cases and recover most of the data.

The painful lesson that I have learnt is to keep at least 2 copies backed up. I now use 2 external drives to do this plus a couple of usb memory sticks of important photos of my children

It may be obvious to some but it wasn't to me at the time. I thought that I was doing well to keep one backup :-( Lesson learnt!



The other thing to consider is that if your backup drive is sitting on the desk next to your computer, or in a bag with the computer then a fire will cook both of them or a thief will grab both of them. they need to make like royalty and travel separately.

Peter Apps
Using a RAID set-up, while not going to help with the fire scenario, does help with the disc-failure scenario.
We started getting all new instrument computers at work with the RAID 1 mirror setup, and it has already saved us from two HDD failures in the last couple years. RAID 5 on the server is also a good idea, but sometimes overkill for home.

No matter how you backup at home, it is a good idea if you refresh the data once or twice a year just so you don't lose something with the drives sitting idle for so long, if they are not constantly on.
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