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Fraish wrote:
Yes Peter you are right but this is only successful when you find true collaboration but in my case I entered with many research group I really had bad experience as I ended up with people wanted me to do their research. I really do not feel comfortable with this case as I want to work with people who really share effort 50% by 50% not laid back and want us do the work by 100%.

In some society this is helpfull ( group working) but in other you find doing single work is better.

In term of collaboration is their some web who share research together, i mean i was not successful finding this in real life , do you thing is it easy to share research from remote countries. If I send email to professor do you thing he might help or just say ohhh this person is stranger I dont know him I am not going to work with him. I sent to some people in research gate but i got no response to my email!

Not sure if i explained my idea well

You may be able to find distributed research groups at forums like this one or others that are focused on the type of work you are wanting to do. The people who post if forums I would think are more likely to be willing to do an online group research project more than some of the traditional researchers.

Topics that would be considered for a Patent would be less likely to appeal to a group effort, and in the end could lead to disputes on rights and such. Topics that are widely discussed and used by many would make the best choice for the group work.

I wish I had time to try to publish things, but usually my work is so fast paced that I push it through faster than I can make proper notes about it :roll: I spend a couple weeks developing a method that should take months to develop and what doesn't work I just throw out instead of documenting it completely, which leaves me with only the finished project instead of the full path to the solution. One of these days I hope to have a slower pace work environment, but then I worry I will lose my edge by not needing to think so fast.
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
Researchers are busy people who are nearly all short of resources, so anyone you contact about collaboration will want to know what you can contribute to the collaboration. They will also like to have some indication that you can indeed deliver what you propose to contribute - and the best indicator (in your academic world) is a track record of published research.

So you have a dilemma; with an M.Sc. I doubt that you have much of a publication record, and you do not have control of any resources in terms of instruments and grants (you University will probably have things to say about you using their instruments to collaborate with outsiders). To get a publication record you need to collaborate, and in your circumstances this sounds as if it means you need to do all the work and be prepared to share the credit with your colleagues until such times you have enough of a record to attract other collaborators who are prepared to do their share of the work.

Alternatively, if you can raise big chunks of grant money you will find that people all over the place become very willing to collaborate.

Peter Apps
Thanks great scientists James and Peter for being great mentor to us.
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