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I´m new user in this forum, i´m Industrial chemistry, 4 years experience, Panama :bom: niam. now i´ve new job in toxicology lab.
My question is:
What is your opinion to create android apps for chromatography method development?

Given my ability for programmed in many language, are you think that´s interesting project? :bom:

thank you
PD: sorry for my english. It´s very basic
There are a number of "ifs" to an answer.

- If you are already comfortable developing apps for Android (more so than developing for Windows, or OS-X, or iOS, or the web, or even Excel macros), and
- If you will be doing this as a hobby, and
- If you have a solid grasp of chromatography principles, then

Yes, it would be an interesting project.

On the other hand,
- If you're looking at Android as "the platform of the future", or
- If you expect to make any money at it, or
- If you will have to learn chromatography in the process,
then you will be disappointed.

- On a global basis, Android is ahead of iOS as a smart phone operating system (probably not true for tablets), but in a lab environment it is far far less common than Windows.
- Android apps (and iOS apps, for that matter) are typically either free or priced at a few dollars (the most expensive programs run around $30). There aren't that many chromatographers in the world who be allowed to use an Android app at work to make it pay.


By the way, your English is fine.
-- Tom Jupille
LC Resources / Separation Science Associates
+ 1 (925) 297-5374
thank you very much for your opinion. ok.
so, you are right because i don´t know any chromatograph that worked with android system. may be not be convenient.

Coming soon i will create a blog in google, and i´ll post many ebooks, instruments solutions, macros, algoritms, apps for windows, tools for method development and method validation relevant to toxicology, steam power plant and cement plant.
I want to share my experience with everybody here and i hope that you can help me for expand my knowledge.

Thank you......
HPLC 2017 in Prague,
Thank you. :D
And you can use Android to process chromatograms with my Browser Chromatography Software
Ok. Thank you. Where i find it?
It is here The page itself is the software. To use with Android, open the page with FireFox for Android.
It's here now:
The page is demo. Click on the reference on the right side to change chromatogram.
we are working on finalizing Android based communication/control system for portable HPLC system. Next step will be Method Development application tool on Android-based tablet.
Vlad Orlovsky
HELIX Chromatography
My opinions might be bias, but I have about 1000 examples to support them. Check our website for new science and applications
Thank you, that´s great project...
New Chromatography Software application for Smartphones.

DataApex newly offers users of Clarity Chromatography Software an application for Smartphones. Clarity2Go is a set loose application for both Android and iPhone mobile phones that allows monitoring a status of instruments.

These days back efficiency is intensely demanded we association to our portfolio the tool that provides users as soon as added flexibility and comfort. When users compulsion to leave their lab they can stay about similar subsequent to their chromatography data station and monitor their analyses. said Jan Hruby, DataApex general manager.

Clarity2Go is compatible subsequent to Clarity Chromatography SW parable 4.0.4. Based concerning DataApex unique policy any adherent as soon as an older Clarity SW savings account can update SW user-straightforward of encounter.

Clarity Chromatography Software has a sound approach in the chromatography data systems puff. Clarity, the third generation of DataApex products, allows controlling on peak of 400 rotate instruments from the single setting and offers its users no study high adaptableness. Clarity is deeply regarded for its intuitive answer, excellent press on, cost-effectiveness and practiced unnamed maintain.
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