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Extraction of Samples

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:05 am
by SamNas
Dear All,

I have validated my method for desired analyte and now have to apply it to real samples to check if it is in them. My supervisor wrote to me "Take known amount of standard and add to the negative sample (in triplicate). Then extract these samples. Also, extract the negative to show that there is no analyte in the sample. Analyze this negative along with the spiked samples (in triplicate extraction). Also, analyze same amount of analyte as un-extracted in triplicate. Then plot these areas against the curve (you can use the one you have already analyzed). This will determine that based on un-extracted how much the three spiked samples will come after extraction."

Can anyone help me in understanding this?

Re: Extraction of Samples

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:32 am
by Peter Apps
Yes, your supervisor can. That's what he/she gets paid for.