Software Solutions Enabling Open Access Workflows

This webinar will discuss Waters® Openlynx™ Open Access Solutions and new workflows designed to streamline the implementation of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) technologies focused on supporting Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry laboratories. In addition, we will discuss software solutions through a strategic partnership with Virscidian® Inc., which address bottlenecks of processing, reporting, and review of large datasets typically associated with compound library management.

What will you learn?
You will learn how Waters is simplifying analytical screening workflows for use with ACQUITY UPC2® and UPLC® instrumentation. The workflows are designed to facilitate achiral and chiral SFC analysis required for reaction monitoring and high throughput screening. You will also learn about the “review-by-exception” approach within Virscidian’s Analytical Studio Professional software. Examples illustrate how results are processed automatically, reviewed, and triaged into AutoPass, AutoFail, and Review required visualizations, which are based on advanced interpretation logic. The results are automatically annotated with comments that mimic those that are often added manually by analysts performing results review.

The tools presented in this webinar will:
Enable total process cost reductions recognized with the implementation of SFC technologies
Streamline the analytical and purification transitions performed by central analytical support laboratories
Facilitate the acquisition and implementation of orthogonal information to liquid chromatographic results
Reduce bottlenecks associated with data processing, results optimization, and data management
Provide greater confidence and consistency with the data review process

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