The computer running our HP1050 died. I purchased a refurbished computer running Windows XP SP3 and I am attempting to connect it to the HP1050 via a 82357B USB/GPIB adapter. I have ChemStation version A.10.02 installed on the computer.

Here is my problem: The IO library that accompanies my version of ChemStation is version L.02.01. After installing the L.02.01 IO library, and rebooting the computer with the 82357B connected, the computer cannot automatically find the driver, and the "Found New Hardware Wizard" pops up. The instructions that accompany the L.02.01 IO library state that I should install from a list or specific location, and choose the driver to install myself. The problem is that the driver that was presumably installed along with the L.02.01 IO library is not recognized by the wizard and the 82357B does not show up as a device, so I cannot install it manually. When I load later versions of the IO libraries (i.e. v. 15 and beyond) the hardware wizard automatically finds the relevant drivers and installs the adapter, and after configuration I get some communication between the computer and the HPLC, i.e. the autosampler begins initializing when I run the ChemStation software, but then everything stalls without completing initialization and I get an ALS not found error.

If anyone has overcome a similar problem I would appreciate the help. Thanks.