I've burned through two bus LAC/E cards and could really use some help. I was trying to setup and old Waters HPLC that runs on Millenium. The software would not connect to the card, and only the first 7 of the 8 LEDs would turn on. I eventually bought a new card on Ebay.

With the new card, all 8 LEDs would turn on, and I could connect to the instruments in Millenium. However, I was still having trouble running an actual sample, so I was fiddling around in Millenium. Eventually, it said there might be an allocation issue and said the card would like to have IRQ 11 and DMA 0 but that the floppy disk is 0. It said to change this and restarts the computer. In Millenium, I changed the bus LAC/E DMA to 5 and restarted the computer. Now I have the exact same problem as before with only the first 7 lights turning on. Millenium freezes if I try to access the card. However, in windows NT, I can see that the card is running and has IRQ 11 and DMA 5. I assume somehow the card can't boot all the way. Can anyone fix this or do I need to buy ANOTHER new card?

Thanks so much,