Is it possible to calculate CU (Acceptance Value) in Empower

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Hi. What type of custom field is the CU_STD_DEV ? You add the formula?
Hi .

Old post but worth further discussion

Any improvements here for calcaualting content uniformity in Empower 2/3?
Or any simplified Custom fields out there ?
In GMP environment getting this CF tested/validated is paved with mines !

There is a specific article on this that was covered in Waters Inform 2018 earlier this year that gives a detailed example of Content Uniformity using custom fields, download the Inform 2018 app and you can save all the documents and presentations from the event.

The one you are looking for is "Everything you need in Empower for Content Uniformity"
Hi ,

I have made some progress
Do you need to process sample set to see custom fields working correctly ?
ie Enum function to show total = 10 for example
Calibrate, quantitate, summarise custom fields etc

I am not entirely sure what ' Create process Only sample set does or helps with here ?

I think you can see the result for the peak custom fields that use Area, Amount and %Area/Amount or Height fields when you review injections before processing. Other custom fields don't display until you process the results, check your "Search Order" is relevant in the custom field screen. Result Set Only will only calculate results based on one result set, other settings search the whole project.
A Process Only Sample Set combines previously run raw data (Sample Sets, Injections, Channels) into a brand new sample set, useful for processing 2 batches at different timepoints in one go. To create one, select the samples set(s), Injections or channels you want to combine into one sample set and select Tools/Create Process Only Sample Set, which opens the editor to allow you to merge samples, split other samples, name the sample set and order rows etc. You process sample sets same as usual and also report them, but you cant view as Injections or Channels only results. Empower treats process only sample sets as separate to the original channel so any changes made to process only sample sets don't affect the native data.
EmpowersBane wrote:
Note to self - download the Inform 2018 app "Everything you need in Empower for Content Uniformity"

Once I've had a look at this, I may decide to leave my solution here... It is based on multiple reasonably simple CFs but does not automatically set k based on number of samples and it insists on having the AV report on each individual CU sample line of results table. So, it works but is neither elegant nor idiot proof at the moment. It does let you know if you're so far off that you have no chance of passing L2 (assuming 25).
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