I have an amount value that needs to be between 90-110 (ie whole numbers) so when im setting up Limits in the processing method, I tested a Lower Limit value of 90 and it gave a fault value for 89.99999987666 which I thought would have been ok since that number rounds to 90 when expressed as an integer. Empower obviously considers a value of 89.99999987666 as below 90 which actually makes sense as Empower always uses full values in the background for all its calculations.

My question is what value do I put in then for the Lower and Upper Limits to correctly fault any values outside of 90-110? I presume for the lower limit it would be 89.5 as this value is rounded to 90 at zero decimal places. For the upper limit I also presume the value would be 110.49999999999999 since that's the highest maximum allowable value before 111 i.e 110.5 onwards?

Any thoughts on this please?