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I've done a few single runs on Agilent 1290 (binary pump). The instrument is not much in use. My sample was a plant extract (0.05 g/ml), centrifuged, filtrated (0.45 nm membrane filter), the injection volume 10 mcl. The mobile phase (1l): water/acetonitrile (6:4, v/v) (+0,8 ml H3PO4 and ca. 5 g SDS).

After a few runs, the online chromatogram started producing only vertical lines. There is no baseline during conditioning either. The front peak has a high intensity. The offline view, however, does show the chromatogram.

The software is: chemstation for lc 3d systems.

I'd very much appreciate it if I could get an answer about how to retrieve a normal online view of chromatograms and why I get to see only the vertical lines now?
your case maybe the peak was out of the range of online view plot, try to "zoom out" option
This option located at the bottom of online plot view
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