Hello everyone,

I hope to find firsthand knowledge by a user who "back then" or maybe even in the not too distant past installed an Agilent Quickswap CFT device onto his 597x transfer line.

Received such a setup "almost" complete bar small parts and a few restrictors. Most notably the "Transfer line locking nut" possibly P/N G3185-20501 was missing.


I am uncertain as to the purpose of this thing (not explained in anything but name.

Two questions arise:
is it necessary to install this locking nut onto the transfer line and in front of the QuickSwap assy?


The QuickSwap easily threads onto the transfer line, the restrictor passes through at the correct length.


If it is required at all - what´s it for? Does it need to be dialled back in order to block the QuickSwap from moving out on the thread?

The manual explains: "lock nut remains against the end of the transfer line UNTIL AFTER leak test completion."


There is no further mentioning as to what happens AFTER leak test completion.

I hope that one or the other does remember the installation.
Here´s a picture showing what it looks lke without that nut.


Many thanks in advance to everyone trying to dig this up from memory. Have manual at hand if required.

Best regards