how to calculate dissolution profile using Empower2

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Hi everybody,

Is there a way to calculate dissolution profile using Empower2?

If anybody has idea or custom fields, can you please let me know

Thanks in advance :roll:

Hi laloo,

From my understanding it is possible create dissolution profiles using Empower 2, but an 'add on' package is required to do this. Im not sure of price or package name.
From my experience of Chromeleon this representation of dissolution results can be created in minutes with minimum complications ,which is a frustration when you see how simple it is using other data software.
If indeed anybody knows how Empower 2 can create dissoluton profiles please pass on the information

I think it should be possible with intersample calculations, but never tried to figure it out.

The best way to do this in Empower is to use the Dissolution option. The trick to these calculations is compensating for the volume removed at previous time points which is very cumbersome to do in either Excel or by creating custom fields.

Dissolution profile calculations were discussed in a previous thread:

Here again is the link to the Dissolution Discussion Group forum where the calculations for dissolution profile data are given:

As Hugh noted, the calculations can be tricky. But they can be done in Excel (I have done this). I am not familiar with Empower enough to know how to do the calculations there.

As you can see in the thread on the Dissolution Discussion Group forum, there are almost as many variations of the calculations as there are different dissolution appartuses.


Hi laloo,
There is an dissolution option for Empower, that contain all custom field and macro for create a sample table and calculate reports.
Waters has an interface that take a samples from the bath and place the samples to the vials in the autosampler.
You can see the guide in the


thanks to all for support.

We have purchased the option, looking through it.
The limitations is it can calculate two-6 tablet dissolution profiles using one system suitability standard.

We can not copy and paste the rows for third profile in the same sample set. the sample set has to be created always by using a wizard or a template.

If anyone know more about this,,,, share with me please........

hi ,

yeah I am a bit lost with this dissolution option

You need to create sample set method before acquiring data ?
how do you compute dissolution values taking into account volume removed ?
Is it only useful for processing if you have 2690/2695D ticked and instrument available ?
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