Hi guys,
We have an old Agilent 1100 HPLC running with an 6120 MS (about 15 years old). Agilent installed the system on Windows 10.
Every run I perform, I get the ALS with a yellow light with the "remote" or "waiting for remote" message. Once I disconnect the Remote cable the injection starts.
I changed the cable, tried using other modules for remote, had the same issue. I changed the HPLC completely, same thing. A technician tried using his laptop, same result.
The strange thing is that it showed some signs of life when I tried changing the modules, worked a couple of times then stopped. Same when the technician updated the OpenLab to version C. Worked a couple of runs then stopped.
I have Win10 popping up update notifications and antivirus notifications from time to time, but the PC is not connected to the web. Can't seem to get rid of these as well.