Hi everyone,
maybe someone of the more experienced Varian users could help us: We are having problems with the communication between our autosampler with the PC.
I have old Varian LC/MS system (Varian 6.9.3.) with MS Workstation.
The Software only recognizes and communicates with the MS. But the autosampler no shows up in the software, neither in the completely grey screen neither in the bottom of the screen, below line.
The autosampler is set up to "serial".
We tried more thing:
We checked the cables and they is ok.
We tried different COM-Ports and settings.
We tried to restart the pc several times.

..but this didn’t change anything.
Maybe this is a common problem and somebody might help?

PS: I'm sorry if there's already a similar topic, but it's the first time for me in this forum.

Thank you very much for your help already in advance