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I'm a new Targetlynx user and I have a couple of things I'm looking to adjust in the software, mostly for convenience/clarity. For processing MRM data I'm experienced with Masshunter (Agilent) and Xcalibur (Thermo).

I'm trying to set it up to make it as clear as possible for our analysts to work in routine: which peaks need reviewing, which are positive, are the QCs within acceptable ranges,..... It's a multi-residue LC-MS/MS method for 11 mycotoxins with their internal standards so it's quite a bit of data.

I'll post a couple of questions I can't find the answer for in the help function and if you can give a hint for anything thanks in advance!

1. Is it possible to show the 2 traces of the internal standard next to the traces of the analyte, instead of below them? I'd like to see 4 traces at once instead of having to scroll down.

2. Can I set it up so the solvent blank injections (tagged as "solvent") do not show calculated result, since it's meaningless due to internal standard not being present.

3. I'm setting up a processing method and layout with flags. Is it possible to highlight the "YES" flags somehow? Put them in color/bold/... Alternatively, could i get rid of the "NO" flags and make it an empty cell instead?

4. Is it normal that I can't scroll up/down using mousewheel in either Masslynx or Targetlynx?

5. As one of the QCs, we run a reference sample in the batch with known but variable concentrations of different compounds. Would it be possible to put those concentrations somewhere so Targetlynx calculates a recovery % for this QC?

General tips for a new Target/Masslynx users are also welcome!
I can answer question #4. Apparently not. I also am unable to get the mouse wheel to do anything in those two applications.

As far as question #1, I think there is something about Layouts. Let me look into that...
Phillip Graebing
Magee Women's Research Institute
Pittsburgh, PA
I agree about the mouse wheel; I don't think it is supported.

I have never figured out how to put traces on the same line. I have the same issue with having to scroll through them (large, large pesticides run) but I haven't found an alternative.

For non-calculating injections (like solvent blanks) I delete them from the sample list and save the new sample list under a different name, then process the data without those injections included.
Mark Krause
Laboratory Director
Krause Analytical
Austin, TX USA
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