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Chemstation printing - easy question

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:57 pm
by cyork
We are using a 6890 with Chemstation/Openlab.

If I am using the Online window, and I want to view chromatograms from a sequence I completed, I go to the Data Analysis tab and I can click on individual chromatograms in my sequence. However when I select one of these chromatograms it will automatically load the pdf report and also print this pdf report, every single time. How can I turn this off (and yet still print the chromatograms as they run during the sequence?)

Re: Chemstation printing - easy question

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:54 pm
by Multidimensional
In ChemStation: printing is defined by your method and your own settings.

The most likely reason (99%+) for the problem is that YOU have set up the LOAD SIGNAL screen with "Integrate and Print after load" check off. Just uncheck it.

There are other ways that the system will print after loading data too. In DataAnalysis, look at the report type, "Specify Report" and choose "Destination". If you integrate the data and have it set to destination Printer, well it will print it. If you set it to nothing, then nothing will happen. Set it to Screen, and it will print to the screen only.

When you load a data signal file, you also have the option to integrate it before displaying it too. You may also have your system set up to choose a report style as "printer" with file type PDF check off, but the first answer I provided is the most likely.

Re: Chemstation printing - easy question

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:22 pm
by calebyork
That was it - unchecked the box. Thank you!