i work in a university. We used to have and old HPLC, composite system , managed by empower version 1 .
We inheritated the following Waters system to replace ours :

600S controller controlling a 626 pump
Autosampler 717 plus
PDA 2996

All the modules are connected to the bus/lace card with IEEE wires.

All the parts are recognised on empower and i can easily create methods and do ... single injections.

Indeed, when it comes to sample set (multi injection list) , i run the sequence ,the autosampler injects from the first vial, does the gradient and acquire the datas but the system just keeps flowing in this first injections.
It nevers moves to the second injection of the list.

All the parts are connected through IEEE and are recognized so i don't understand what is wrong.

Is it the controller not receiving the order to move to other injection ? Is it the autosampler not receiving that order ?

Should I connect the modules with trigger wires even if they are communicating through IEE and driven through empower ?

I really hope to resolve this because in single injection mode it is almost useless ...

Thanks !!