Im trying to process a related substances run which has 2 derived channels in its method set (2 single wavelengths) and every time it goes from the 1st to the 2ns injection of the Working Standard Solution it cuts out and the processing method window flashes done. Message on the centre is:
"Background Processing has aborted due to memory allocation fault".

I have plenty of table space left and I have processed similar runs in the same project recently with no issue. My raw data file is large (2000MB) but plenty of other projects have larger raw data files. I do have a LOT of custom fields in the project and plenty of ones like A.%.(Area) * CCOnst etc and my labels in the run are A and B- could Empower be heaving with the potential amount of calculations it s facing and cut out? Funny that it only gets to the first of a six injection standard before cutting off.