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Any reviews?

Simon seems to have written some texts about CDS in Kromidas's HPLC Expert I/II and from what I gathered from the preview (Extract), it seems to be a nice introduction to Empower.

To be honest, accompanying Empower documentation from Waters is not really newbie friendly, especially from a visual angle (makes sense since it's documentation not a user guide).

Has anyone read the book and can share their impressions?

p.s. I'm not connected to beyontics in any way
I have read it and found it very helpful. Obviously you would need to be experienced with Empower to gain some benefit. The author starts by saying that so many calculations in labs around the world still rely on invalidated software packages like Excel to do their calculations and reports when its all at your fingertips in Empower. Of course most labs are too busy to invest in deeper knowledge of software...

Its split into 9 topics- Background and Networks, Quickstart, the Project Window, Acquiring Data, Process of Data, Reports, Data Import/Export, Custom fields and COnfiguration Manager.

For me personally I thought this was an excellent guide that outlined the intermediate and advanced features of EMpower 3. I learned so much from the Configuration Manager section which explains all the audit trails, user groups and setting, cloning projects etc. The weakest chapter was custom fields, little more than a very basic outline but then again they offer a separate book about Custom Fields which I also have and rate highly. The chapter on reports is also very good and explains a lot that experienced users may not be aware of.

I would recommend it.
EmpowersBane wrote:
Of course most labs are too busy to invest in deeper knowledge of software....

Never has a truer word been spoken. Ditto on Excel.

Seeing how I probably won't convince my boss to buy this book, I'm curious about the price of it and the Custom fields book. Can you say how much each cost?
Hi again,

I got the book for 200dollars including shipping and 75dollars for custom fields book inc shipping.
This is hardcopy only (not an ebook)?
Hi David, yes it was a hard copy. They don't provide it in Ebook format.

Good Morning,

I also have read the Beyontics manuals for Empower 3 and Custom Fields...I recommend both highly. Misplaced the doggone Custom Fields text, unfortunately.

Expensive and Worth the Price!
One thing I noticed about Empower and custom fields is that the Help function is not the best- good for basic concepts about Data Types and Field Types etc but the "examples" they use are often very complex and involve Boolean and text strings that weren't explained in the Help topic! I have been to their training on custom fields and it was good but left out intersample and intersample summary calculations.

Thankfully if you google custom fields you get a very wide range of articles from people who use them every day-training slides etc. I have been tasked in work with creating a lot of them and I learned most of my skills from the net and here! Even something as basic as "How does Empower calculate amount" with a simple example of what to put in to Sampleweight and Dilution is strangely very hard to find on the Waters website which really should be a very basic offering from a company like that.
@ Empowersbane,

Agreed on the lack of explanation within Empower 3's Help regarding Custom Fields!

I will now Google Custom Fields--should have thought of this on my own, and Thank You for the idea!!

The ideas of SampleWeight and Dilution were much better-explained by Waters when the software was known as Millennium32...agreed again. Don't know if this helps or not. AFTER Reprocessing, Dilution becomes a Multiplier (as in Dilution factor of sample relative to the calibrator solution(s)) and SampleWeight becomes a Divisor (as in the case where one desires to solve for mass of analyte per mass unit of sample).
Matt, I would highly recommend the below if looking to upskill for custom fields, they really helped me a lot when understanding the programming behind them. It might be a bit overwhelming at first but if you read through them a few times it will click! Thanks for the info on Amount, I would have thought something as very basic as "How does Empower calculate Amount" with a full example would be easy to find but apparently not..
@ EmpowersBane,

My thanks! I'll look into these links. Don't know what happened to my expensive Custom Fields text, though I retain the more expensive one, so I'm grateful for that.

No...I wish that were different (improved explanation of Empower 3 reprocessing). If you can find the Level 1 Millennium32 manual (good luck with that one), that explains the reprocessing of data very well. My copy of that comb-bound text is likely sitting right next to the Beyontics Custom Fields text--wherever that is.
Those links are gold.
If you want more, google Waters Inform Custom Fields - you will find even more slide decks put together by CF experts.
Hi DR.,

Quite agreed on the first of the three links listed above...and will get back to Googling "Waters Inform Custom Fields" when the opportunity presents itself.

My Thanks to You Both!!
How long did it take for you to hear a response from the beyontics group. I requested a quote for the empower manuals for my department a week and a half ago and have yet to hear anything.
I heard back within a day or two, double check the email address? They also may have replied to your spam folder.
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