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Custom field or report method- best way around this?

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I have a Custom field that returns a percent impurity by multiplying area by RRF. My answer needs to be in the range of 0.5 to 1.0%. I created a Boolean CF along the lines of GTE(Percent_Imp, CConst3)+LT(Percent_Imp,CConst4) (Peak, Real, Calculated) and plugged my upper and lower ranges into CConst3,4 but I get nothing back, I cant get my head around what I'm doing wrong. If Empower allowed the formula when I created it, surely its valid/possible?

Then I thought my report method would work, cant I just throw my CF into the table and apply a Min/Max to this? Or I could even apply a Limit to this CF in the proc method which would fault the value outside of the range. I'm still curious as to why the Boolean wouldn't work, I checked the CConst3/4- they are populated, I have the value set to Use as Text and don't have all or nothing ticked.


If a custom field allowed a formula like GTE(CF, CConst1)+LTE(CF, CConst2) why am I getting a blank cell? Should it be a result field I have it to Peak?
Hello EmpowersBane!

On the face of it, your CF should almost work... 8)
However, I am thinking there could be a problem with the field translation.

you have written your formula as
GTE(Percent_Imp, CConst3)+LT(Percent_Imp,CConst4)
where your peak field for Percent_Imp is likely to be >= CConst3 and < CConst4...
as your formula has a "+" this will calculate a value of 2, and with a Boolean field the value of 2 has not been translated and the field is blank. You can correct this by using the operator "&" instead of "+" :
GTE(Percent_Imp, CConst3) & LT(Percent_Imp,CConst4)

If you have already used the & operator, have you set text translations for the values?

Hope this helps,
MVC - Medicon Valley Consult
Hi BenW,

That was it! I was looking at it over and over again wondering was there some small thing not correct. I even thought my "Use as Text" was causing the problem. I never thought to consider that my "+" was the problem. I use it a lot in custom fields and naturally associated it with "and".

I changed it to &, and it worked perfectly. Thanks a million BenW, much appreciated.
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