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Hi al,

I've been having some difficulty with Chemstation (1701CA) recently. I have been using this software for ~8 years now, and in the last 3-4 months, this issue has popped up:

During a sequence, randomly, after any injection, the sequence will stop and say something to the effect that neither data nor X was collected, please restart run to acquire data.

Now, I was watching the TIC as the last run that failed was going, so I know data was being collected. I went into Data Analysis and tried to take a snapshot, but it said that it couldn't copy the .ms file from the source. So I go into the destination folder, and there is no copy of the method (like there should be) and no partial .ms data.

After the run completed, two files were placed into the data file folder. A scstate.txt and sctrace.txt file, with a bunch of 5973 settings in them.

There is no entry in the Chemstation or Windows XP Pro error log for this occuring.

I removed and reinstalled Chemstation, but the problem only went away for 2 weeks or so.

Any ideas?

Thanks :D

I have had the same problem on a 5973 (W2k) and a 5975 (XP) on the same day! The problem only occurs rarely and it hasn't happened in the last few months so I don't know if it is fixed or only waiting for another important run. The symptom is that the software seems to hang up rewriting the temp data file back into the data folder after acquisition is complete.

I have had that as a separate issue. I think if you take a "snapshot" during the run, and leave that file open in Data Analysis until the run ends, you will cause that error.

I looked in the error log for the two failures (in a row) I had today, and there are similar entries for each. I will post them in a separate post below.

Have you tried Installation Qualification? When I had similar problems I found corrupted Chemstation file.

Sadilek, where would I find that in Chemstation?

Here is the error in the Chemstation log:

Code: Select all

RHP 5973   Run started               16:20:11    05/21/2007
RHP 6890   Not ready:Host system at runtime 0.09      17:00:06    05/21/2007
RHP 6890   Not ready:F inl pres 14.0 psi at runtime 0.70   17:00:06    05/21/2007
RHP 6890   Not ready:F inl pres 16.6 psi at runtime 5.71   17:00:06    05/21/2007
RMETHOD   Run Error: -410,"(*ESR?):  Query INTERRUPTED      17:00:08    05/21/2007
R   (sig 'NEW_DATA'(0) @ state 'IDLE')"
RMS ERROR   C:\MSDchem\1\DATA\RESO\RESO0521\05210707.D had 117:00:17    05/21/2007
R   faults.
RMETHOD   Run Error: Neither GC nor MS data collected;      17:00:17    05/21/2007
R   Consult Logbook
RMETHOD   Loading Method RESOTST1.M            17:00:23    05/21/2007

The pressure errors are due to a valve in the autosampler that is baking out the trap. Like I said before, there were never any errors in the log until this last run. The frequency of the error is also increasing.

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