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There is an option to select your impurity response in Empower 3, what exactly is the difference between "%w/w", "%Area" and "%Area against Main Component"?
My understanding is:
%Area = area of peak as a function of the Total area of all peaks in the chromatogram, both system peaks and sample peaks eg peak of impurity = 2000. Total area of every single peak in the chromatogram = 214000. % Area = (2000/214000)*100

%Area against Main component = corrected area of peak (area x RRF)/area of active*100

%w/w = I'm not entirely sure!

Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
did u ever figure this out? because i am only starting to use Empower 3 for impurities calculations, and have the same (and more) questions?!
% w/w calculated from calibration curve of standards , dilution factor and weights entered into sample set wrt main component

think back to first principles ie
sample area/std area * std weight/dil* dil f sample /sample weigh *purity
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