Hi, I'm having some problems about processing in Empower 3. I have some old standards recorded with the same method I'm using today. The only problem is that in the first method I used (that has the same parameters of the new one) there were the channel 1 @254 nm, and the channel 2 @210 nm. That is different to the new method, that has the channel 1 @210 nm, and the channel 2 @250 nm. I also already created a calibration curve based on the data from this old standard. But when I process the new data using this calibration curve Empower identifies the peak and give the correct label, but it's unable to quantitate. The problem is the inversion of the channels. Someone know idf there is a way to process this new sample usig a calibration curve made at the same wavelenght but using different channels?

thank for the reply