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I am using a 6430 agilent triple quad LC-MS. I am using masshunter version 08.02

Lately we have been having a randomly occurring communication error. It has been occurring when a sequence is running at some random point. A series of communication errors will popup between the LC modules and the software. Then all the modules including the triple quad will go offline.

The only way to reestablish communication is to power cycle everything. I've tried clearing masshunter processes, restarting software etc.

This is a new problem with this instrument. The only things that have recently changed is computer was linked to a network drive for data backup. I did disable this network connection but the error still occurred. The only other difference is I have been running the instrument in dynamic MRM mode. I still haven't confirmed that the error only occurs in this mode but I will keep trying to troubleshoot that.

I tried a few different troubleshooting recommendations from agilent service engineer. Checking windows firewalls, checking ip communication (it pings).

Not sure what else to do here. Could be ethernet card maybe. Could be this network drive software. I don't really know. Any ideas?
Hi there
I don't have an answer but a few possible things to try.

Can you rebuild your method and sequence starting with the Agilent default method and sequence. We have a similar setup and have found that methods and sequences corrupt leading to strange behaviour at random times. Agilent recommend starting from stratch if the method is suspect.

Is the log helpful in any way. Is it the same module that errors firstly. A corrupt method might lead to module problems.

Try to remove all traces of the backup software if you can as maybe it is affecting things still even though the software isn't active.

Hope these few ideas help
I'm fairly certain the problem is only occurring during dynamic MRM runs. I've been developing method from TIC -> MRM -> dMRM and problem only seems to happen when I'm running the dMRM method. Usually occurs 2-3 runs into sequence.

I ran the instrument fine a week or so after the network / backup drive was installed. The IP address is fixed. It only backs up once a week when we aren't using instrument. Its unlikely to be source of problem. No more likely then having internet on.

Tried updating the firmware. Didn't seem to solve issue either.
Old post but I figured I'd follow up with the solution. The problem was bad smart card. After replacing smart card (twice..) problem was solved. Also power supply went bad as well resulting in low ion intensity so that was also replaced. Everything working well now.
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