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Any help on this topic appreciated: The hard drive on my PC failed recently so. lost the Chemstation software

Agilent kindly supplied me with a replacement CDRom of Chemstation B.04.03 for windows 7

The HPLC (Agilent 1200 series) is connected to the PC via a crossover cable and all the other intra module connections are ok. The PC is not connected to the internet or any other devices.

So basically i need to install the CD-ROM and get the computer to recognise the HPLC. I'm getting tied up in knots with TCP, MAC addresses, IP sub masks gateways and BootP from reading the manual.

I guess I just assumed id click on the chemstation install icon, enter the license key and I'd be done.
Im already lost at the screen where hostname, IP address comes up.

If anyone can give me or point me to a stepwise list, however lengthy, I'd be extremely grateful.


PS Failing that how costly is it to get somebody from agilent out to install the CD for me?
Just don't use Agilent BOOTP, it will NOT work under Win7.
Use this

If you have only PC and HPLC just assign to the
PC address mask and
LC the address mask
Thanks for that
where / how do I assign these IPs to the PC and HPLC ?

It is simple:

1.One of LC module has LAN card (normally detector). Remove it and put small switches on it so IP address is (you will find it in manual - for normal LAN card switches 5 and 6 are in "1" or in "up" position) ... ceCard.pdf

2.Set IP of PC card to (PC - network setting )
3.Configure IP in "Chemstation configurator editor"

And it is ready - you don't need BootP!


Tomasz Kubowicz
OK I found the LAN card so I just push up switch 5 and 6?

NikiMullins wrote:
OK I found the LAN card so I just push up switch 5 and 6?

5 and 6 up...Please read manual ! Everything is there.


Tomasz Kubowicz
I have read the manual and I find it difficult to follow

I have no experience in this so while it might be simple for you to understand it isn't for me

Thanks for your help

Don't get me wrong...but you will not find here "guideline" what to do with all simple steps. I understand it is difficult for you but at least you need to read manual to know what to do...
And if it is still tricky I'd recommend to call service for once - they will explain you how PC-LC communication works and you can avoid problems in future.


Tomasz Kubowicz
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