Custom default values for Agilent's Instrument Control Frame

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Is there a way to 'hardcode' certain values as defaults into Agilent's HPLC drivers (control via Empower)?

For instance, we always set the "Minimum pressure" tab at 10 bar to prevent the pump running dry if someone runs out of mobile phase.

Would it possible that 10 bars would become the default value for all Agilent systems and projects that have the same type of drivers installed?

Easiest way to do that would be to make a template method that includes such defaults and insist that people use these templates as a starting point for any new methods they write.

PS - people worry way too much about running a pump dry - as soon as a little air gets introduced into the pump head, it just expands and contracts with the piston movements, pumps do not pump themselves dry nor do they force air into columns. Air is just too compressible to allow it.
Hm, this is an interesting idea however I am not sure if the instrumental method template would be transferable through out all Agilent systems (we have various builds and versions). However if we are using the same drivers for all, it could be a go.

The way it was explained to me is that mobile phase also works as a sort of 'lubricant' for the pump motion and without that the pump can 'die' if several such cycles (as in many people doing this) occur therefore pressure limit.
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