Empower3 - my sequence didn't move to next injection

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Hello All:

I am running LC-MS in Empower3 (Networked version).
My sequence didn't move to next injection. It stays in the current injection forever, even the run time is complete.
Any clue where I should start the troubleshooting?

Thank you!
start with message center
DR wrote:
start with message center

Hello Dr.

Thank for the reply.
I did looked at message center, but there is neither error message nor warning message.

any other thing I might be able to try?

Thank you!

1. Did you define your plates correctly so that it reads the correct type of vial (ANSI 48-2ml etc)?

2. Check instrument method- do you need a loop and are the amounts configured correctly?

3. Do a trial injection of a vial in the middle of the sample plate or some random position and watch the sequence live-does the needle move over and withdraw sample and return to the sample entry point correctly?

4. Remake your instrument method- some are corrupt and have a bug lodged in it from being saved over and used again and again.

5. Vicious samples? Do you have the correct syringe draw rate to allow for accurate sampling?

6. It also could be the innards being faulty or blocked by some fault and it cant move to the next injection.

Good luck.
...or it could be a computer problem. Check for anything in Windows Events logs that correspond to the time between the last successful injection and the time where it missed making one (perhaps an ill timed windows update w/ reboot?). If there's nothing, have a look at your antivirus program setup (if you have one). Make certain that it is not scanning your Empower folders.
some more questions to check and answer:

- is it a new phenomenon or did it occure before?
- is it reproducible or was it just once?
- how is the system configuration?
All Waters modules connectec by Ethernet or some analog Inject start cables?
- did every module got the start command correctly?
- did you changed the Empower system by taking offline/online in <configure system>?

If it was only once: such thing just may happen. Maybe you'll never find the cause...

As for the last point:
We had some issues when changing from/to certain Empower systems with "taking offline/online" without rebooting the PC (Emp workstation; all Waters Module, Ethernet).
In such situations, some detectors didn't get the start signal, so there were no data from that detectors and also the run did finish in Empower but won't go to next injection (like Empower waits for an stop form the detector, while the detector still waits for the start...).
What helps then, is to change the system with offline/online, then exit Empower and reboot Workstation, login to Empower and it works...

If it's not only this "change system" issue, maybe the trigger is the same: some of the modules didn't get the start signal and therefore doesn't send a Stop, so Empower won't proceed to next injection. Check if all modules are started correctly and the data are collected by Empower.
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