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I run 2 injections of Blank, sample is labelled Blank. I need to calculate the amount in percentage of active as a function of the average area of the following standard injection. So I have a Custom field which calculates the average area of my active in the standard. However my percent carryover is only giving a result for the second injection. I need one result per injection.

Here is my formula, can you help?

Peak, Real, calculated, Result Set Only.

Hi ,

Maybe worth looking at SAME function
Do you have the "Summarize Custom Fields" function selected in your sample set?
(see table in this post: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=46831#p225394 ).
I had no end of trouble with my CF until I added this line in my sample set.
If not, then you might try adding the line after your standard injection(s) and after any samples that would need that information for their calculations.
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