Hi everyone!
I have various Shimadzu HPLC systems using Agilent Openlab CDS EZChrome Edition. So the Intelligent Report process has a lot of problems. First, the first report of every result set analyzed shows only ceros, when we reprocess is shows some of the correct data but not all, we have to reprocess a third time for it to show all the data that we want. But having to reprocess the data 2 or 3 times takes away a lot of time when the result set is large. Second, it doesn't process the data with the last acquired calibration curved. Third, the system suitability sometimes shows the column resolution at 00's but other times it's good.

The methods we´re using (some errors happen in all the methods, others happen in just one method). My first guess was that the method's files were corrupted because they we're done by overwriting an existing method (not from the default method). So we transcribed some of the methods and did them from the "default method", but it hasn't helped. The errors keep happening.