In Empower 3 (build 3471) you have the ability to assign an RT Reference to name unnamed peaks by RRT. Which is nice.

In the Report Publisher I've created a Component Summary (Area%) of these peaks. Allthough for a triplicate injection, the peaks do not have exactly the same RRT. In the peaks tab there is an option "RRT Based Grouping" where you can enter a RRT range to group unknown peaks.
However this option is greyed out. :shock:

I have Unknown Peaks option enabled in the Peaks tab.

Does anyone know how I can use this option?

From the Empower help file:

RRT Based Grouping
The Relative Retention-time Grouping function (RRT) groups unknown peaks according to their relative retention times. In the "Enter a RRT range to group unknown peaks" field, you enter the relative retention time range, in minutes, by which you want to group unknown peaks.

Note:To use the RRT Based Grouping section of the Peaks tab, you must first enable the Unknown Peaks option, on the Peaks page of the Summary Plot Properties window.