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As far as i remember: you need to change a EPROM with the new firmware. This is not that difficult and can be done by yourselve. I believe it's more difficult to find the eprom with the firmware. IF you have contact to service guys in Denmark ask them if they still have this eprom somewhere in the "old parts stock"...
Stefan Brand
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Now I have the right EPROM and the right cable between the computer and RF2000, but the online panel seems to be completely wrong... I added the panel from the configuration manager, and there was only one RF2000.

The instrument can connect to chromeleon, but when I press the commands in the panel I get back "Unknown command".

I have contacted the service guys in Denmark, hopefully they can solve the issue!
Well, i think you are on the good way, when you can connect the instrument. The first reason why the panel and commands can go wrong is a possible other name of the module in the server configuration. Canyou access the commands of the RF-2000 in the panel via the F8 Button?

Stefan Brand
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Yes, by using the F8 commands I can perform autozero, change wavelengths etc. But I cannot acquire any data.

There is obviously something wrong with the panel, but also with the communication (since the detector is not in remote, but still can be controlled). Let's see what the service engineer says :)
I am trying to connect and radioactivity detector to Chromeleon using an old LS-A2D-USB device. Unfortunately, Windows cannot find the driver for the device and I no longer have the CD that came with the drivers. Does any one have the CD and could share the drivers with me?
In summary, I can add the module in Chromeleon but I cannot connect to it because Windows does not recognize the device.
Thank you,
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