Need Varian Star Chromatography Workstation software. PLEASE

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We received a donation to the university of a Varian Star Chromatography but its missing the software cd ¿Could anyone be kind and upload or send me the Star Chromatography Workstation Software? I would aprecciate it a lot!
Thank you in advance
hello, I sent the link, you can download. regards
Hello Marlenl, Thank you very much!!!
We downloaded it and in the installation we found that we also need the Serial number
.¿ Do you know where can we get any serial number?
Thank you
Hello Everyone and marlenl,

I am a graduate student at University of Waterloo and we are having similar issues regarding the old Varian MS workstation software (version 6.6) serial key for installation. We have an older Varian 3800CP - 4000 GC/MS which we have been using for years. The hard drive for the control computer recently failed resulting in a rebuild. However we have come to find out that the case for version 6.6 (and therefor the software serial key) is missing and instead a copy of the 6.6 installation disc was crammed in with our older version 5.51 (for a saturn 2000). So I was wondering if anyone here may happen to have and be able to share the serial key for version 6.6 again we already have the software itself, just not the serial key for installation. Or, If somebody had a newer version and serial key instead that would be perfect too. Thank you for your time and help, and my Email address is , Cheers!

I sent a link, if it is not to late :-)

Kind regards,
Hello, does anyone have Varian Star Workstation for my Varian GC/FID 3800? I really can't find the CD would be very appreciated, thanks.

Davide Balbo from Italy
Also looking for star workstation software? if you have any leads would appreciate it.
I sent the link.
Kind regards,
Hello marlenl,

My HDD just broke down so bad that i can't do any data recovery. I have made a clone of the HDD for some time ago and i can't find the DVD so could you be nice to share the link with me too? It could be any version of it or any other software compatible with Varian 3800 GC.

No One?
also looking for software for varian 4000 GC-MS ,,,

kind regards
I sent the link.
Kind regards,
Hi, I am looking for a Workstation version, that is running under win 7. My system is a MS 2000 with GC 3800 and a Autosampler 8200. How can give me a downloadlink?
Please to
Hi Dieter,

You need to contact your Scion Instruments representative. Star MS Workstation is still available from them.
Kind regards,

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