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We're trying to overlay some chromatograms (TIC) with ChemStation (E.02.02.1431) but it is not working. I only get the screen to select the datafiles after re-opening the software. After I select the files using the arrow and click 'Proceed' nothing happens, but the command line says 'Invalid Range'. If I try again, the screen to select doesn't show at all, and I need to restart the software.

Anyone has an idea what could be going on?
I have similar problems when trying to open 2 chromatograms. I can't tell you
what version (2-3years old) - but sometimes when I select 2 different files it ends
up displaying one of the selected files twice. I can't put a finger on the exact workaround - just
to say I close instrument control software and/or use kill chemstation tasks and/or turn PC off/on
again (as advised by Maurice Moss & Roy Trenneman :-) ). I think also it helps to archive and remove data files.
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - Just A Minute - The Unbelievable Truth
Hi folks,

I have no solution for your ChemStation problem, but you could try to use OpenChrom to overlay your files:

A short description is available here:
Installing OpenChrom as I type this, thanks for the tip!
Keep in mind, that you need to install the appropriate converter for Agilent from the marketplace:

The converter can be used unlimited, free of charge. It's just that we can't ship it with the community edition.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
Thanks, I found and installed the Agilent plugins.

Is there a way to define the default path? Now everytime I want to open a chromatogram it goes to the root of my PC, and I need to re-navigate to the location of my files.

And how do I print a chromatogram/spectrum?

It's not possible yet, to define respectively remember the selected path. But we're working on a solution for that.
You can use the "camera icon" in the toolbar to copy the currently selected view into the clipboard. Simply use CTRL+V to paste it afterwards to the application of your choice.
Open the command line. Get the first file loaded. Type in the command "TIC'. Load the second file. Again type in the command "TIC". Merge the two registers using the "MERGE" command, then draw the register to the window you want. For example, DRAW 3,x will draw the X register to window 3. This will display your overlaid chromatograms. You may repeat this for any number of chromatograms.
Mark Krause
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This is happening to me. Super frustrating.

It started happening when I accidentally try to overlay a chromatogram that was still running- since then I have not been able to overlay.

I thought I found a work around by creating a new folder and storing new chromatograms there- it worked momentarily and I was able to overlay again, but then shortly after I got the 'invalid range' message again.

Its very strange as I can overlay older chromatograms- just nothing new.

Just wish I knew what the heck is not working here.
Is it happening in ChemStation or in OpenChrom?
eselmeister wrote:
Is it happening in ChemStation or in OpenChrom?

this is chemstation.

I realize I may need to give up on chemstation and utilize openchrom but I still would like to know why this happens.
Dear colleagues,

I had the same issue with the Agilent Chemstation software. When I tried to overlay several chromatograms, the response was always the same: INVALID RANGE. Frustrating.

To make it work again, first load the method (file.M) that you used to acquire these chromatograms (either in the METHOD folder or in your DATA folder if you saved the method with your data). After loading the method, load your first chromatogram, them overlay (full scan or tic) with the second, third, .... It should work fine.
I hope this helps. Best of luck in your experiments.

Laurent MS
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