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Dear Jörg,

I am struggling with the same issues. Might you be willing to provide me with the instructions mentioned before?

my email: bramvandeput (at) gmail (dot) com

Much obliged!
Dear Bram
I am at parental leave at the moment with no access to my work stuff. I will be back in April and most likely wil have forgotten this thread...
Maybe one of the others can help you out, if not post this question again mid of April, I will be able to respond more helpfully then.
See you
Hi, we have a waters qtof micro, also old hdd died, managed to install a new pc, masslynks 4.1, configured ftp, but we need a small update SCN 795 which provides the file MA3778_1.pci which is the vxworks driver for MA3778-200 IsoProbe PCI DACs board.

Anybody has SCN 795 or any other SCN with the file "MA3778_1.pci", or at least this file on the hard drive ?

I have 4.1 scn795, let me know your details and I'll send it over
Thank you, meanwhile I managed to purchase a DVD with scn795 from waters. But now it does not boot at all, fails loading Socket.out with with error "could not allocate segments", ld error: error reading file errno 0x3d0001

In the pdf with release notes for SCN 795 it says that this update provides support for a new operating system on the embedded PC, VxWorks v6.3 ! But my embedded computer runs VxWorks 5.4.2, kernel wind 2.5.

The Operating System on the embedded computer is loaded from a flash installed in the embedded computer ? Or that flash contains only a boot loader, and VxWorks OS and the drivers and startup script are loaded all from the windows PC through FTP ?
nkg wrote:
I have 4.1 scn795, let me know your details and I'll send it over

What VxWorks version and Kernel is your embedded system running ?
I haven't got this running on a ms, only have the software
bunnahabhain wrote:
The EPC is looking for it's operating system on the workstation's ftp server: You have to properly set up the ftp server and the user "micromass", the EPC will constantly reboot and try to connect.
Leave your e-mail address and I'll send you an instruction document how to do that.



Like so many others, I need help with connecting a host PC to a Quattro Micro. The epc reboots about every 2 minutes. I can successfully "ping epc" but i can not telnet to it. Reading here, it sounds like my problem is with the host PC.
Would you be willing to share you instruction document with me too? Thanks.
MassMan, please leave your mail address, I will then send you the instruction documents.
Kind regards

Thank you!
Mail is on the way. Be sure your spam filter does not eat it, it contains one .doc and ont .ppt file...
bunnahabhain wrote:
Post your e-mail, I will drop you a mail containing the step-by-step setup instructions.


Like the others ,i need help to connect a Quattro Micro to PC
can you send me this instructions and any manual about Quattro Micro if its available .Thanks a lot

my email is hamidah1344@gmail.com
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