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Hi all,

has anybody managed to get a version of the Varian MS Workstation 6.42 (or above) to run and communicate (3800/2000 GC-MS) under Win7 successfull?

I tried without success. Installation was done in XP compatibility mode. The WS starts but doesn`t communicate. Firewall completly disabled.

Every piece of information is greatly appreciated.

Best regards


I did never see the Star software running with Win7.
I think the BootP server running in the background will be the problem.

I recommend to stay with win XP, or you can switch to Galaxie, the GC-Version is now hold and renamed by Bruker.

best regards

I didn`t mean the Star Workstation!! Varian MS Workstation for Iontrap is the aim of my project.

My thoughts are that it would be not so easy in the near future to get new PC hardware with XP drivers.
So if my PC dies I have only two possibilities. Repairing or buying on Ebay. Maybe not the best idea for a working environment.

The Bootp shouldn`t be a problem. My GC runs with a static IP and the MS is connected via GPIB. But this can also "converted" to IP or USB for more or less money.

Main problem is getting the Ms Workstation running under Win 7.

Best regards

have you tried to set up the XP computer as a virtual machine and running it from there (on a windows7 host system)

seems to be working for me in a similar situation, not Varian
Yes, I tried with GPIB/TCPIP converter for the Saturn and a BNC/RJ45 converter. Seems to work, but sometimes communication is interrupted.
For stability reasons I would prefer a real hardware solution. The virtual machine is a possibility but not my first choice.

Star WS and MS Workstation are the same - MS WS has just added the MS capabillity.

GPIB is a litte tricky, try to stick on the original varian drivers.
One possible solution might be to go with a MIB800 box with a GPIB card inside.
The MIB will communicate only over TCP/IP with the computer - so you can get rid of GPIB driver glitches.

best regards

yes I am aware that the MSWS is the Star soft with added MS drivers.

The GPIB is not the problem. I use the newest National Instruments driver without problems on my old XP machine.
A new install on W7 (same hardware!) won`t work as ecpected.

So I only need to know which version of the MSWSworks on W7 and what has to be done on the W7 settings.

Best regards

As written before, Star does not support win 7

see: ... 201_13.pdf

best regards
It's hard to find, but there is a workstation 7.0.1 out there, which supports Windows 7 (32-bit): ... es_701.pdf

4. Modules Supported
The following modules are supported:
MS: 2000 MS, 200-MS (210/220/225), 240-MS/4000 MS, 500-MS, 310/320/525 LC/MS
GC: 450-GC, 431-GC, 3800 GC, 3900 GC, CombiPal
LC: 212-LC, 460-LC, 8X0 MIB, ProStar 220/230/240, 325, 335, 363, 400, 410, 420, 430, 500,
ProStar/Dynamax, Mistral Column Oven (PS 510), CombiPal

5. Modules Not Supported
Support for the following modules was eliminated in this release (or previously):
MS: 1200 GC/MS, 1200L LC/MS, 300 GC/MS, 920 FTMS
GC: 39XL GC, 3400/3600 GC, 8200 AS
LC: 216-LC, ProStar 310, 320, 520, 9001/9002

6. Software Supported
Windows XP and 7 Professional (32-bit only)
EnviroPro, MultiCompound, ToxProPlus, and Dioxins Reporting
G1033A NIST 11 MS Library
G1035C Wiley 9th Edition/NIST 11 MS Library
G1033A Nist 08 MS Library
G1035B Wiley 9th/NIST 08 Mass Spectral Database
NIST 08 Mass Spectral Database (Varian P/N: 391082491)
Wiley 9th Mass Spectral Database (Varian P/N: 391053501 or 391093501)
Other NIST-formatted libraries
Access Control and Audit Trail (21CFR11 Support)

Maybe this helps.
I'm not sure if this is still actual, but I may be able to provide you with the appropriate software. please make contact if still necessary...

even though I'm not the original thread starter I'd be interested in the software.

Thank you in advance.
Send me a PM and I'll send you a link.
PMing is not enabled in the Chromforum so please send me a mail to

Thank you very much in advance :)
leoglag wrote:
Send me a PM and I'll send you a link.

Dear leolag,

I`m also still interested in getting the software.
I would appreciate if you could sent me the link also.

My Email: stephan(.)benicke(@)ewetel(.)net

Please remove the brackets. Thank you in advance
Thanks for sending me the links, I've finished the download by now.
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