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TL;DR I'm in search of a license key for version B.04.03 [16] of ChemStation, I am willing to pay [an amount] for it.

Hello all, I've got a bit of a frustrating situation, I purchased an Agilent 1100 stack at auction for a good price, and the title version of ChemStation came with it on a CD. As it turns out, the sellers did not know to record the license keys in hard copy and the computer has since been wiped, so that key is gone with the wind. Now that it's out of support, Agilent will not provide license keys and proceeded to quote me for >$20k to get a PC with OpenLAB CDS on it, which suffice to say is absolutely not an option.

In my mind, I purchased and own a legitimate copy of this software, and there is in turn no legitimate reason to force me to pay for unnecessary newer software provided I do not want/expect support from Agilent.

To my understanding, there is no external/central location which validates these license keys to enable the software, and everything is done locally from within the software package. This being the case, a license key which is valid for one copy should be infinitely reusable for other identical copies of the software without locking out/causing conflicts with each other.
Interesting. HP/Agilent used to say they were an instrument company, and if you had the instrument, you were the "owner". But I guess those days are past.

I would "guess" - but don't know for sure as I'm not a computer guy - that the license key you could use does not have to be exactly one that originally was for ChemStation B.04.03 [16], that one for any B version earlier would also be fine.

We only had A version software, and the same license codes were retained and did work as we upgraded our A versions from A.05 through A.10

Agilent supplied about 5 stickers with the license key to be stuck on the modules, the engineer was supposed to stick those on at time of installation.
Post an email address here and I will send it to you
hi boulderco
would love it too
my email is grobil2000 AT gmail dot com
thanks a lot !!!
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