Hi Everybody! My name is Marcelo from Argentina. I'm dealing with old GC systems at work.

I'm immensely struggling with the installation of old GC systems. I had only Cerity NDS to control two systems: 5890 and 6820 GC. Unfortunately, my lab suffered a cyberattack and I lost the computer (with Windows NT) with the Cerity. I looked forward to the Cerity CD and found it, but I could not install and register the 6820.

Because the setup and installation were previous when I joined the lab team, I tried to think about how the local support of Agilent installed the systems.

Step 1: Install the 5890 with Cerity NDS A.04.03 Build 4370 (I have the Installation CD)
Step 2: Install the 6820 with an Update of Cerity NDS (A.04.05), but the local support employee - I think - did not leave the installation CD :cry: )

I do not know how I can continue with that. For instance, If someone has the Cerity NDS compatible .iso of the 6820GC or has any experience with this software setup, please help me!

All the best