My company just started using chromeleon 7.2 for Capillary Gel Electropheresis (Beckman Coulter PA 800 Plus). I cannot run the samples on chromeleon, I instead have to import the data to analyze which is fine. Here are a few things I'm struggling with right now. Also my dept is not GMP if that matters.

1. Is there a way I can permanently keep the peak labels rotated 90 degrees and 2 decimals? I have tried saving a new processing method with those changes made, but it always reverts back.
2. Can I merge 2 sequences together when importing? Say I perform a run and then need to rerun 1 sample. Now I have 2 sequences: 1 with say 20 injections and a separate one with 1 injection. Is there a way I can combine those and make creating the report with averages and everything easier?
3. How do I overlay graphs from different sequences?

I have many more questions, but this is a good start!