I'm working with Openchrom 1.3 for win_64 which I like very much but still, some issues need fixing:

[list=][/list]The perspective list is limited and needs to add/install others like: "Peak identification", "Denoising", "Manual Peak Detector", "CSD", "Chromatogram Peaks", "The OpenTyper" perspectives
[list=][/list]The installed perspectives do not change automatically
[list=][/list]How to get the peaks in the chromatogram labeled with the components name? How to edit the label text (change direction horizontal or vertical)?
[list=][/list]The "AMDIS Peak Detector" is installed properly in the preferences, but is not showing under the 'Chromatogram/peak detector'
[list=][/list]The same above for the "NIST identifier"

Thank you in advance,
M. Osman