I'm trying to create/standardize a set of predefined calculations and visualizations (charts, tables) in my software that people in different fields (pharma, environmental, food, etc) could "plug'n'play". I was hoping someone could describe the most useful/common ones that they feel should be included in typical chromatography-related software.

Those that I commonly hear about are:

1. Calibration curves
Along with the measure of curve "fitness". Some people use R2, but seems like others consider not a scientifically rigid option, so probably also need to graph the residuals and calculate their SD.

2. Method trending
From what I understand in our batch we periodically inject a standard and the track wether peak area/RT changes with time. Don't know if this is also going to be useful across multiple batches in case the same method is frequently used for different experiments.

3. Comparing RTs for different detectors
If there are many samples in a batch and we want to spotlight those that we incorrectly integrated by automatic integrator - e.g. MS peak is at 1.2min while UV peak is at 1.3min.

4. Conversion
Something like ProdArea/(ProdArea+LimReactantArea).

What else would be useful in your line of work?