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after over 10 years working with Chromeleon software to control HPLC's I am moving to a company that uses Empower software to operate there HPLC systems.

Is there anyone out there that has experience of both software packages and can tell me if I will pick up Empower easily or will it take time ?

99 problems and chromatography is every one !
Having worked with Waters Empower 3 for 10 years, I can tell you it really depends on what aspect of the software you use the most. You could pick up the running of samples, making sample sets and instrument/processing methods in a few months. It takes maybe about a year of making sample sets and running samples etc to get up to speed. As with everything, its only when things go run in the methods/sample sets that you gain valuable experience!

However, you may never need to create custom fields, nodes, systems or users, so these functions may be alien to you. Its usually an administrator who sets policies and creates users so this part of the software may not be relevant to you. I know in my case, I was using it 7 years before I knew anything about calibration curves and how Empower generates and stores them so it really depends on your own usage of it.

If it helps, there are dozens of online courses offered by Waters which explain everything from the processing method to custom fields, login and data acquisition, and they are all very helpful.
Having been in both environments you will miss dynamic processing , cobra integration and smart peaks functionalities .
Empower processing and quantification can be tedious and replication of result sets common
Custom fields require significant work if requiring validation to GAMP Cat 5 and reports are also laborious( initial set up )
PDA and peak purity assessment is another challenge

Good luck and enjoy the challenge
Thanks to both of you for your suggestions and help.
I look forward to the challenge :)
99 problems and chromatography is every one !
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