We have an ABB PGC 2000 that we thought had a (dual) single board computer issue. We have replaced the SBC uploaded and saved the config into eprom2. (more than once with a couple different SBC's). No effect, same issue.

We have four streams, and two detectors that run leapfrog of each other. Stream1 is attached to stream3, and stream2 is attached to stream4. Each 1,3 and 2,4 run simultaneously of one another on separate detectors. Both streams 1, and 2 are running method 1. (two sample lines in, running the same method, same product, different reactors). Stream 1's method doesn't control any valving besides the stream step from one reactor to the next, the attached methods: stream 3 and 4 run all the valving. We know what we want to measure, and the time it generally comes out. We also run a basic for calculated values for yield numbers...

The problem is: when we select which streams to run in Vista-basic and download the selections to the GC, stream one comes back unchecked. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's been a battle to figure out why? We had a used SBC, and before changing the config, it selected the streams perfectly. Put our config into the new (used) SBC and it de-selects stream 1.

I don't get it! The config is user defined, and not functioning.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have a ton of engineers up my butt... LOL