I am using my own script to write .GAML files in order to import LC-MS data into Chromeleon 7.3.1. This format is originally associated with the program GRAMS/AI, and is one of the few compatible with Chromeleon 7 for data import.
It works perfectly fine for MS1 data, but I struggle importing MS2 scans. I guess I did not find the correct xml scheme so far.
Would anybody know if the .GAML data format works for MS2 data ? (It seems so according to the website https://www.gaml.org/ and the documentation https://www.gaml.org/Documentation/XML% ... Format.pdf, section MSn scans, but...).
Would anybody be willing to share an example of .GAML file containing LC-MS/MS data so I can have a look at its structure ?

Thank you,