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I am a newish user to Chromeleon 7. I have this really irritating issue with the software and Thermo has been absolutely no help.

When I run a sequence and the instrument has the sampler encounters an error, for whatever reason, it stops my entire sequence. It doesn't just move onto the next sample in the sequence, it just stops. Period. What's worse, it doesn't even go into Smart Standby or turn anything off. It just stops the sequence.

Is there anyway to make this stop? Can someone help me figure out a way to get the sampler to keep going with the sequence even if a sample has been interrupted?

Please! I have been up so many late nights babysitting the sampler waiting for it to stop, just so I can restart it again. I can't keep doing this forever.
Normally on Chromeleon when it comes to an issue on the autosampler it'll halt the sequence entirely and oftenly continues to just pump your mobile phase.

I usually have these issues arise on Chromeleon when I mislabeled a vial on the Chromeleon sequence (i.e. vial doesn't exist on autosampler).

Another issue is sometimes the autosampler just stops talking to Chromeleon. A simple turn off and on again or unplugging for 1 minute will help that issue.

Another potential problem is your firmware on your autosampler may need to be updated for Chromeleon to be happy.

My setup is Agilent hardware and using Chromeleon software so I have my own galore of issues to troubleshoot when things go awry. I do have an old Dionex on Chromeleon as well I use on occasion.
I have tried turning the autosampler off and on again to reset it. I have also made extra sure that it is going to the correct vial.

It seems kind of strange to have the autosampler just stop the entire sequence because it couldn't pick up one sample.

Wouldn't it be better for the program to just skip that vial/sample and move on to the next one? I would rather lose one sample to an obstruction rather than the entire sequence to a single obstruction.

Does anyone know how to make Chromeleon do this?
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