Exporting data generated by chemstation for LC to excel

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I would greatly appreciate a copy of the Chemstation to excel macro as well. Thanks in advance. You may email it to: paul.skvarek@symrise.com
Would appreciate if anyone send me this macro too.

My e-mail: tedplymoth@gmail.com
If anyone could send me this solution, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking for a solution like this for a while now. Thanks in advance.

I would greatly appreciate a copy of the Chemstation to excel macro as well. Thanks in advance. You may email it to: mgemmill@adkenv.com
Please kindly send the zip file to rbelsaas@magothygroup.com

Thank you so much in advance
nimbi63 wrote:
I have a macro that uses Dynamic Data Exchange to Excel. You select what you want to send, and ExcelDDE.Mac runs as a post run macro to transfer to an excel spreadsheet.

I don't know of a way to post it on the forum, but would be glad to send a copy via email.

Not sure if nimbi63 or anyone still checks this thread, but I would love a copy of the ExcelDDE.Mac file emailed to shawn_o@asapanalytical.com
Hello, having trouble saving manual integration's on an Agilent 1200 series HPLC, if anyone has a macro id appreciate if it could be sent to irfanr@ocalab.com

"OCACHEMIST" : 1st, please do not hijack another persons post. If you have a question, create a NEW post.
Second. ChemStation integration parameters are stored as part of a 'method'. If you have settings that you wish to re-use, then store them in the appropriate analysis method. Normally, integration settings must be adjusted for different analysis methods, but if you are running the same exact sample type on the same analysis method, then the 'Method' should include all of the needed integration parameters, detection parameters, composition, flow etc as the "Method". That is why is so important not to overwrite methods, but instead create and store dedicated methods for dedicated tasks.
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