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So, I have gotten it installed on Windows 10 64 bit, it works. I cannot save methods after the first time. What is happening is the current user saves a method (for data analysis) and the new method the permissions is set to "Administrators" instead of USERNAME. Anyone have experience with this? The other thing is, you cannot edit the FID signal file info.

Any and all help is appreciated!
I've never run Win10. My chemstations are running Win98 and WinXPpro. But many apps in previous versions of windows will only run properly at full administrator privileged level. Furthermore, you had to install from scratch with that privilege level for the app to work.
I have seen problems before with D version where you had to make any user have Admin privileges or it would not work. Don't have to be logged in as Admin but the user has to have the privileges added to their profile. One version would do everything but run a sample, because there was on .txt log file that had to have Admin privileges to edit and it would hang if that log file could not be updated.
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