I am having issues with one of the settings in Xcalibur.
Has anyone used the "Constant DoublePro" mode with a headspace sample.
I have the GC set up and configured with a TriPlus RSH autosampler. The software allows me to select "Constant DoublePro" (in fact it is only available with the headspace or MHE configurations) according to both the software and the manual, this is the only mode that would allow me to make an injection of a sample into injection port A, followed by a subsequent injection of a sample into injection port B. In the instrument setup, this appears to be true. Only when I select this mode, does the software allow me to configure the second injection port parameters.
However, when I go to validate the method I receive an error: Parameter "setAgitatorStandbyTemperature" not supported by the method.
I receive this error with the Agitator (and Syringe) standby temperatures turned on or off.
My goal was to make an injection of a headspace mixed volatiles sample into a 5% Phenyl column connected to a MS, followed by a second injection into a trifluoropropylmethyl polysiloxane column connected to an FID detector. I know there are other ways of accomplishing this experiment, but in theory, the "Constant DoublePro" mode is designed for just this type of experiment.