JetDirect 400N J4100A no longer communicates with 6890 GC

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Hello, recently my 6890 GC oven fan wasn't turning on to cool the GC down. Turns out it blew a fuse. So I replaced the fuse and the fan is working again but now I can't get the Chemstation computer to communicate with the instrument. I have a JetDirect smart card J4100A and I've tried resetting it using Agilent's bootp server and no luck. Everytime I try connecting to the card with telnet, I get a "could not open connection to host, on port 23" error. Am I supposed to be typing in the IP address of the computer's network card that is connected to the GC? I basically open up a command prompt and type "telnet" and then the error pops up. I've even allowed the telnet port 23 through the Windows firewall thinking that that was the issue. I have a Windows 7 computer and Chemstation B.04.03. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
What version of ChemStation are you using?
Chemstation B.04.03
Turn off your windows firewall and try it. Ours (Win7 or XP) won't work with the firewall on.
Are you using BootP Server or BootP Service to give the J4100 it's IP address? If BootP Service, look on your B.04.03 DVD x:\Support\Manuals\Installation\G1369-30001_LAN_InterfaceCard.pdf.

This manual was written for the Agilent G1369A LAN card. The J4100 card from HP will require the chapter "Automatic Configuration with BootP". The following chapters, "Storing the Settings Permanently with Bootp Program", and "Manual Configuration" do not apply.

You might also want to visit HP.Com, search for JetDirect Download Manager, and download the program with the latest firmware revision for the J4100 JetDirect Card.
It looks like this card defaults to an IP address of and a subnet mask of I realize I'm replying to an old topic but I think this information is handy just in case somebody else has a JetDirect 400N 4100A smart card that loses its IP address.
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