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How to correctly create sequences in MSD Chemstation?

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Dear Colleagues!

We use MSD Chemstation for a long time to analise different single samples. But now we should to make quantitative analisis of a lot of samples with the same analite. When we use the sequence menu we can see some positions such as, for example, Calibrant or QC:

But we dont know how use these options. How to activate these options? Probably, these options available only in batch mode?


But we also do not know how properly use this mode. Could you help us with not wery complicated manual about batch mode or enother way to use Calibrant and QC's options.
I think this forum is dead. I have been watching this thread since yesterday. No one has replied yet. I also want the same answer.
I do not think so.
The simplest way is to use keyword 'sample', then fill in the Vial# field, Sample ID field, the comment field and the method field.

For example Vial# field...
in sample field...
MW-01, 17-0456, 1012170456, This is my sample ID, lab#, and COC#
In comment field...
water, 1Xdil, cutomer, project
In method field...
you can select the method by right clicking in the method box and browsing to the method.

Now just copy down to duplicate lines then edit in the sample and comment fields for each sample.
Save the file with a consistant name such as 1710oct12
Select 'Run' from the menue but don't start it.
Edit into the path the directory name you desire e.g....
Now select 'OK' and save the file again
Now you can select run and then 'Run Sequence' and you are off to the races. If you plan to start and stop frequently you might also want to check the box 'overwrite existing data files'. However, and this is very important, be aware that if you 'reload' the sequence and that box is still checked then running the sequence will start it again from position 1 and it will wipe that directory clean. So after I run a sequence, I edit it and unselect that box and resave it to prevent accidental deletion of data. Once you have a working sequence, its pretty easy to rename it, edit it, change the data directory and save and run the next set of samples.
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