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Hi all,
Does anyone knows how to use (if it is possible ofc...) wildcards in operations on Custom Fields like EQ()?
For exemple, I have this sample set

where Smpn1 have label U%1 and Smpn2 have U%2

And I need a CF that calculate the number 0 to Smpn1 and the number 1 to Smpn2
like this EQ(Label,"U%2"). But empower only understands the wildcard % in intersamples calculation, and the wildcard * in label reference and report filters. When is a string value like EQ(Label,"") i dont know what wildcard its possible to use.
Any thoughts?

EQ = Boolean field (Bool)
So will give logical values

I have only used % and EQ function for a complex Max impurity in duplicate samples ie ENUM(EQ(Sample1%.%.%MAX(% Area)... (I can send full CF is that helps)
I use that wildcard too but inside the "" in that exemple I dont know what wildcard is used.

thanks for your reply :)

Understood ,,Try :

EQ(Label,U02%.%..) or EQ(EQ(Label,U02%.%.%)

Sorry , I dotn have empower in front of me
dont work, the syntax EQ(Label,"") requires the "" and text inside it.

Anyone knows? or have more ideia? plz help

Yeah I got this wrong

You may have to look into adding an extra custom field for each sample but that does sound daft (one for each sample) or try ENUM type ?
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